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Informational aesthetics in the realm of advertising.


FABER VISUM Advertising Technology Agency is all about the l'aesthetics of presenting information about your business. We are passionate about every detail and carry out our work professionally, striving to achieve perfection in business presentations and company representations. Collaborating with us means exclusivity with a guarantee of quality.

The Technology of Success

Successful advertising and promotion are about style, conciseness, taste, and, of course, technology. Creativity should not be confused with beauty. Beauty is what we call art at the High Investment Fine Art Agency. To promote businesses and advertisements, we utilize AI and neural networks *, programming, SEO optimization, marketing analytics, and visual information aesthetics, ensuring technical success and relevance in different regions of the world.


Since 2007, we have gone from a small corporate design studio to an international visual solutions brand building company FABER VISUM. With branches in seven countries.

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Corporate History


Advertising services

  • Website as an Advertising Tool

    One of the most effective advertising tools for promotion is the use of a website. An internet page is a primary online resource that represents your company and a powerful advertising tool for promotion. A web page can be used for various advertising purposes, including gradual brand building.

    A well-designed and optimized website will attract a large number of visitors and potential clients, as well as improve the position of your business in search engines. Our company creates websites with SEO optimization in mind during the development process.

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  • SEO for Inbound Marketing

    SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engines to rank it higher in search results related to your business. We define two types of SEO, ensuring technical optimization during website development: error-free website source code according to W3C standards, proper content placement on the site, meta descriptions, semantics, microdata, and a sitemap file.

    Content optimization is the second integral part of website optimization after technical aspects. By utilizing neural networks, we quickly and effectively optimize website content in one or multiple languages, targeting it towards the intended audience or region. SEO website optimization is an essential advertising technology for inbound marketing.

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  • Priority Strategies in Advertising

    Our priority strategies in advertising are inbound marketing and differentiation strategy. Inbound marketing directs customers towards you and saves you time and effort from shouting, "Come to us, buy from us!" on rotating social networks and Telegram channels. In simpler terms, we ensure that when a potential buyer or client is searching for your product or service, they find you specifically. Inbound marketing is achieved through technology and perfectionism.

    Differentiation strategy defines your uniqueness through the philosophy of your business, specific details, ideas, design, and style. Uniqueness is attained through a level of intelligence and aesthetic visualization.

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  • Branding in the advertising process

    We always suggest incorporating brand development and evolution into the advertising process - building company recognition from the early stages of logo creation, website development, and related advertising technologies. Creating long-term preference for a marketing subject based on philosophy is a task for professionals.

    Our advertising technology agency will assist in developing and implementing an advertising strategy for brand creation and formation, utilizing the most modern marketing tools. Branding implies synergy between FABER VISUM and the client, the brand's philosophy, and a clear vision of objectives. FABER VISUM is a brand with a philosophy of perfection in task execution since 2007, with a multinational audience.

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