Design Development

design development Design development is a process that combines concepts, aesthetics, and functionality. For design development, one needs the ability to contemplate, technology, and a sense of taste. Otherwise, it's just cheap scribbles.

Design Criteria.

Banal steps and concepts about design development will be explained to you by ChatGPT under the title "From Idea to Implementation". Let's highlight the concept of differentiation with the slogan: "Want to stand out from the crowd? Get out of it."

1. Design Concept:

Advertising technologies using neural networks allow lightning-fast design solutions. The times of colorful mishmash. Conceptualists FABER VISUM visualize the brand, product, or business idea itself, based on its philosophy through both prompt engineering and unique taste.

2. Prompt Engineering:

Prompt engineering speeds up everything manifold. Now every former street sweeper is a designer, programmer, and in general - a specialist in any field. One thing was forgotten, - the condition written by Kurt Vonnegut in 1959 in the novel The Sirens of Titan: "If the questions are meaningless, you won't find any meaning in the answers either."

Conceptual Depth.

We disdainfully and ironically regard things posing as works of art or design if they are not filled with creative thought. Inexplicably, the viewer feels this filling. Examples of this are great works of painting, music, literature, and cinema. We use artificial intelligence in design development extremely innovatively, but only as an element to accelerate technical processes.

Advertising Aesthetics of Design.

There is nothing more complex than simplicity. We strip away the unnecessary from the design idea, leaving only the essence. Thus, we combine differentiation and focus strategy in our design developments. We specialize in:

  • 1. Graphic and video content;
  • 2. Product concepts, architectural enhancements;
  • 3. Brand concepts with the creation of a corporate style;
  • 4. Frontend code development;

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Design Literacy.

Contrast calculations, size, content of graphics and video, attributes for people with disabilities, artistic literacy about color psychology and composition determine the level and outcome. We guarantee:

  • Technical literacy of design developments;
  • Visual aesthetics and style;
  • Visual targeting of the target audience;
  • Artistic literacy;

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To motivate cooperation with us, we won't invent silly slogans like: "X reasons why us?" The undeniable reference is the parallel line of business of FABER VISUM - High Investment Art Agency.

How to Order Design Development?

Design — an important tool for attracting customers and increasing sales. However, for the design development order to be truly effective, it is necessary to follow a number of key steps:

  • 1. Defining the purpose of design development;
  • 2. Knowing your target audience;
  • 3. Developing the key message;
  • 4. Determining the budget and planning deadlines;

After defining the key points of design development, convey the essence of your desires to us. There's another way: specify the budget and goals, and we'll professionally and qualitatively handle everything else, informing you about the process with a report on the results.

Design Development Order.

Approach design development as an investment. Define a budget, fill out the pre-order form where you write us the essence of your desires. Further down, you can purchase our work time, including contemplation time.

Pre-order Form

Collaboration Options:

  • You explain the essence - we do everything else
  • You clearly formulate the task - we execute
  • We plan - you pay

Price per hour: 50 EUR
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