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What is the meaning of creating videos using artificial intelligence? When writing a literary work, a writer conveys their fantasies with words. A composer uses sounds. An artist employs colors. Now, your fantasies can be embodied in video. Imagine - you and Marilyn Monroe starring in a movie, with a script that you write yourself.

Creating Videos with Neural Networks

Creating advertising videos using AI is an exciting and innovative process. What steps can be taken to use neural networks in creating advertising video content?

1. Idea and concept of the clip:

You need to define the main idea of your video and the concept you want to convey. Neural networks can enhance your message and make it more appealing.

2. Data collection:

Neural networks require extensive datasets for training. You will need photo and video materials that reflect the concept of the video. The quality and diversity of data matter.

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3. Training the neural network:

We use pre-trained models for processing images and videos. Based on your data, AI can recognize key elements of the content.

4. Emotion analysis:

Built-in algorithms for emotion analysis can help you understand how the advertising video affects viewers. This can be the basis for refining the content and making it more effective.

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5. Content generation:

A trained neural network for generating new content includes creating unique visual effects, animations, or processing images according to your concept.

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6. Video editing:

AI-based editing tools can automatically detect and process key moments in the advertising video, but the final editing is done by us.

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7. Content generation time:

The content generation time depends on the source materials, prompts for the neural network, and, of course, computational power.

8. Content generation cost:

The cost of video content generation depends on the previous point - the time spent. In our company, you will pay 50 euros per hour. Minimum payment for 4 hours of work.

Differentiating Your Content

Creating advertising videos using neural networks requires careful planning and experimentation, but the result can be amazingly innovative and appealing. Neurotechnologies provide unique opportunities for creativity and differentiation of your content against the competition.

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