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Professional web design What is professional web design and what criteria define the development of striking and effective web pages? How does artificial intelligence assist in the development of professional websites? Explore the modern trends in web development at FABER VISUM advertising technology agency.

Criteria for Creating Professional Web Pages.

Professional web design is the process of creating web pages using advanced technologies and best practices to ensure optimal user experience and achieve set goals, whether it's attracting clients, increasing sales, or disseminating information.

1. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX):

A web page should be user-friendly for visitors. This includes intuitively placed elements, attractive design, easy navigation, and fast page loading.

2. Adaptive Web Page Design:

A web page should display correctly on various devices and screen resolutions, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

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3. Web Page Content:

The content of a web page should be informative, up-to-date, and appealing to the target audience. This may include text, images, videos, and other media files.

4. Professional SEO Optimization:

A web page should be optimized for search engines to increase its visibility in search results. This includes using keywords, meta tags, quality backlinks, and other optimization methods.

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Offer of Services for Creating a Professional Website.

We solve any tasks related to creating professional websites. Considering modern prompt engineering technologies, our advertising technology agency offers the widest range of functionality, user interfaces, and additional services in the field of web design with a mark of PERFECTIONISM. Below, we provide a list of the main parameters of web development.

  • Adaptability to mobile devices;
  • W3C standard code validity;
  • SEO content structure;
  • microdata integration;
  • CMS-based creation;
  • Landing Page-based creation;
  • Creation of multilingual websites;
  • Creation of forms of any complexity;
  • Integration of an online store;
  • Auction integration;
  • Social media integration including API;
  • Reservation system integration;
  • Integration of maps and geolocations;
  • Professional search systems;
  • Search systems with reverse filtering;
  • Creation of web interface connections;

Web Page Design.

The first impression of design and style happens like this: your subconscious decides if you like what you see in just 0.2 seconds. Graphic design of web pages by FABER VISUM creates a subconscious feeling of "nothing superfluous," which often determines whether a client will choose you or your competitor, who is just one link away.

Adaptability and Wireframe.

In modern CMS, the ability to structure wireframe schemas is dynamically predefined. This means that every module of your website can be placed anywhere on the page in a matter of seconds. The technology of adapting websites to devices with different display parameters is an essential component of professional web design.

Technical SEO Optimization.

In our developments, website optimization for search engines occurs during programming and website content creation. Professional web design and its technical SEO optimization are closely linked. All our clients quickly achieve top positions in search engines precisely due to our attention to every detail of the website.


Pay special attention to quality web hosting. If the page is unavailable, your potential client moves one link further to the competition. And yet, the profit from a potential deal will more than cover the expenses for annual payment for quality hosting. FABER VISUM offers website hosting in the best data center in Western Europe - Hetzner Online.

Evaluation of Website Developer.

Professional web design consists of several important steps and is a combination of several professions. Before you choose a company or designer for your web projects, look at the portfolio, check the performer's website using diagnostic web pages, evaluate the graphics, videos, and technologies of the developer's presentations.

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Cost of Professional Web Pages.

You can order web page development for various amounts. Approach website creation as an investment. For example, when purchasing a distribution, the subsequent investment is your time to fill the website. Based on experience, we can say that spending 1000 euros will allow you to have a professional website with four to five pages. We offer a wide range of ways to create professional websites at different prices.

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Cost of Time.

Filling a website with content considering SEO, working with graphics, or meeting specific client requirements is done as quickly as possible. Working with AI, prepared prompt engineering, multitasking, and automation allow us to do everything several times faster. 50 euros per hour - the minimum price for our services. Considering that we can install a website with demo content in an hour, the price is quite acceptable. For any questions, you can contact us via messengers or through feedback.

Price per hour: 50 EUR
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