Professional Branding What is branding, PR promotion, corporate identity, and visual marketing? You can find all the informational lyrics on our regional website with explanations and philosophy. Here we will write practical steps for professional branding that you can order from us.

Criteria for Brand Creation and Promotion.

First of all, it is important to understand that branding is an attempt to be noticed through the style, product, service, or philosophy of the brand. With a professional approach, the branding process guarantees development and increased profits in any case. To turn a trademark into a brand, it is necessary to go through a path where the symbiosis of the product and its promotion will be at the highest level. We guarantee the second part of this symbiosis - exclusive style and professional advertising promotion of the product, service, or concept using the best advertising technologies.

1. Brand Name:

Pay close attention to the name of the company or trademark - brief, dogmatic, without the risk of distortion. Completely exclude the risk of creating an undesirable image (for example, derogatory meaning of the name in foreign languages). The name should be easy to pronounce and easy to write. The brand name should not be generic.

2. Brand Logo:

The perception of visual symbolism is comfortable with simple and stylish logos. Professional development and creation of the brand logo is described on our regional website The most dense integration of the visual association of the brand logo with the field of activity and philosophy of the company is necessary. Prompt engineering for AI helps us generate prototypes for post-processing the logo in minutes.

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3. Brand Identity:

Brand attributes: name, logo, website, printed materials, architectural additions, video presentations, should be subordinated to one recognizable style. This can be unique visual attributes, a slogan, or even unique marketing differentiation. After familiarizing ourselves with your activities, we will develop the brand identity and all its attributes professionally and carefully.

4. Promotion:

After carefully implementing the basic branding attributes: name, logo, website, we will proceed to a thoughtful and effective promotion using neural networks of artificial intelligence and 100% SEO optimization of the brand's web page, to which all online promotion tools will be directed - social networks, video production, and others. We will also engage in shaping public opinion (Public Relations).

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Practical Branding Process and Price.

Creative thinking of the developer is a key attribute of presumed success. We accelerate the branding process and attempts to create a brand using artificial intelligence. Prompt engineering significantly reduces the development time of texts, translations, website structures, and prototypes of visual elements such as logos, graphics, or videos. Accordingly, your expenses on our working time will be less. The quality with a hint of perfectionism of coworking people and machine learning technologies is determined by the time spent.

Strategic Branding Steps.

Branding process involves a series of strategic steps aimed at creating and managing a unique brand image and identity. Here are the main components:

  • 1. Market and Target Audience Analysis: Market, competitor, and audience research help understand what unique features of the brand can set it apart from others;
  • 2. Definition of Brand Values and Mission: Clearly defined values and mission help set the tone and direction of the brand, as well as create a connection with consumers;
  • 3. Brand Strategy Development: Involves developing brand positioning, its messages, image, etc.;
  • 4. Brand Image Development: Creation of a logo, color palette, fonts, attributes, and other visual elements that will become recognizable symbols of the brand;
  • 5. Marketing and Communication Strategies: Include plans for brand promotion through various communication channels, such as advertising, PR, social media, and others;
  • 6. Creation of Brand Experience: Providing a consistent and meaningful experience for consumers at all stages of interaction with the brand, including products or services, customer service, packaging, etc.;
  • 7. Evaluation and Analytics: Continuous measurement of branding results, as well as research on the brand's impact on business and consumer perception;

This process is often iterative and requires constant analysis and adjustments depending on changing market conditions and audience needs.

Branding Price.

The price of branding work at the FABER VISUM advertising technology agency is 50 euros per hour. It should be understood that this includes our thinking time, analytics, internal coworking. To determine the price of effective branding, it is better to define a budget. From experience, it can be said that the investment is directly proportional to the result, and if it does not start with at least 100-200 hours of our work, then you will certainly get quality visual and online marketing, but not the expected brand.

In pompous times, we have developed several projects that we use as developments for the approximate determination of the range of services and cost:

  • Website with CMS and demo content ~ 2-4 hours
  • Website with content and SEO consideration ~ 20-30 hours
  • Creating an advertising video ~ 5-10 hours
  • Placement on the advertising platform ~ 1-2 hours
  • Startup branding ~ from 100 hours

Our policy towards the client is extremely honest, and if your idea a priori excludes the possibility of creating a brand, we will tell you about it, calculate the chances and opportunities. But believe me, with us, you will make an advance payment and pay every minute of our time, because time is an irreplaceable resource.

Brand Development and Branding.

Finally, a small note on the understanding of the terms "Brand Development" and "branding". Although the terms "Brand Development" and "branding" are sometimes used interchangeably, they have some differences in meaning:

1. Brand Development: This is a broader concept, covering the entire process of creating, managing, and promoting the brand. Brand Development includes strategic aspects such as defining brand values, developing positioning, as well as creating visual and textual identity. It also includes creating an emotional connection with consumers and shaping the brand's perception in their minds.

2. Branding: This is a narrower concept that usually refers to specific actions or processes for creating a brand's visual image. Branding may include creating logos, choosing color palettes, developing packaging, creating advertising materials, etc. The main goal of branding is to make the brand recognizable and differentiate it from competitors through visual elements.

Thus, it can be said that branding is a more general concept, describing the strategic process of creating and managing a brand, while branding is more specific tactical actions to shape the brand's visual image.

In English, there are several terms that can be used to describe "Brand Development" and "branding":

  • 1. Branding: This term is used to describe the strategic process of creating, managing, and promoting the brand as a whole.
  • 2. Brand Development: This is a narrower term that emphasizes brand development, including strategic and tactical aspects of its formation.
  • 3. Brand Management: This term usually describes the process of managing the brand after its creation, including strategic decisions related to positioning, communications, etc.
  • 4. Branding Strategy: These are specific plans and decisions aimed at defining the direction and goals of branding.
  • 5. Brand Identity: This term is usually used to describe the visual and textual elements that make up the brand's unique appearance, such as logos, color palettes, fonts, etc.
  • 6. Brand Positioning: This term describes the place that the brand occupies in the market relative to competitors and in the perception of consumers.
  • 7. Brand Identity Design: This is the process of creating visual elements of the brand, such as logos and packaging.
  • 8. Branding Campaign: These are specific activities and actions aimed at promoting the brand through advertising, marketing campaigns, etc.

These terms can be used in various contexts depending on the specific aspects of the process of creating and managing the brand.

Choosing and Evaluating a Service Provider.

Finally, a word of caution to all brand studios that just want to take your money. Before ordering any service in the field of digital marketing, check the supplier's website. Four third-party online tools will give you a clear idea. If the supplier passes all the tests of their resource, then they are able to do the work qualitatively and for you. It's logical, because you need to understand what, to whom, and how much. To pay or not to pay. That is the question.

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Order Brand Development.

Approach brand development or branding as an investment. Define a budget, fill out the pre-order form where you will write us the essence of your desires. We will carefully consider everything and get in touch with you.

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Cooperation Options.

  • You explain the essence - we do everything else
  • You formulate the task clearly - we execute
  • We plan - you pay

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