Advertising Campaigns

effective advertising campaign How to Make an Advertising Campaign Effective? "The result of a good advertising campaign should be an outcome where you no longer need to pay for advertising campaigns thereafter" - CEO of FABER VISUM.

Criteria for Creating an Advertising Campaign.

We categorize advertising campaigns into two types: evergreen and booster. The former is effective only during the campaign's duration - for philanthropists. Booster advertising campaigns focus on building your resources - for the wise.

1. Your Resource:

Social networks and marketplaces are not your resources. Your resource on the internet is a personal website, which the advertising campaign should direct traffic to. If you pay for an advertising campaign, the goal should be to drive clicks to the "order" button on YOUR website. This way, the advertising campaign serves multiple purposes: it generates revenue and builds YOUR resource, and even better, your brand.

2. Algorithms:

The algorithms of advertising platforms are not intended to make you successful or promote your business in the long run. The goal is to extract more money from you. You'll get "liked" by fake accounts with the face of a "clicker" from India, and you'll think people love you. What's worse, when you start paying for advertising campaigns, the organic relevance is reduced.

Advertising Promotion Scheme.

ChatGPT can tell you the basic steps and concepts of creating an advertising campaign. Creating a campaign on Google or Facebook can be done by a child. We're going to share a scheme for building your resource so that after a booster advertising campaign, it becomes relevant without further payments.

Technologies and Content.

An effective promotional process with an advertising campaign requires preliminary preparation. Here are the key components:

  • 1. Building a professional website;
  • 2. Perfect SEO content optimization;
  • 3. Implementation of microdata technology;
  • 4. Creating social media accounts with links to the resource;
  • 5. Creating attractive graphic content and videos;

This process is what we call the foundation for subsequent growth through a paid advertising campaign.

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Permanent Links to the Resource.

We place links to your resource on relevant platforms only in combination with content. What does this give?

  • Consideration in search engine algorithms;
  • Organic link transitions;
  • Social media posts with links to the resource;
  • Creating promotional videos for social media and the main website;

Creating a network of content and links to your primary resource solidifies its foundation not only online but also in the minds of users. After this, it’s time to boost growth through a booster paid advertising campaign.

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How to Create an Effective Advertising Campaign?

An advertising campaign is a crucial tool for attracting customers and increasing sales. However, to be truly effective, you need to follow several key steps:

  • 1. Define the campaign's objective;
  • 2. Understand your target audience;
  • 3. Develop a key message;
  • 4. Choose advertising channels;
  • 5. Determine budget and plan timelines;
  • 6. Monitor and analyze results;

After defining the key points of an advertising campaign, share with us the essence of your goals. Alternatively, you can specify a budget, and we will take care of everything professionally and efficiently, keeping you informed throughout the process and providing a report on the results.

Ordering an Advertising Campaign.

Think of an advertising campaign as an investment. Determine your budget, then fill out the pre-order form and let us know your requirements. Further down, you can purchase our work time.

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Collaboration Options.

  • You explain the essence - we do the rest
  • You give us a detailed task - we execute
  • We plan - you pay

Price per hour: 50 EUR
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